A One Stop Service from Insurance Claims to Construction

  - THE ATLANTA TIMES, 8-20-2010   
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  "A One Stop Service from Insurance Claims to Construction, Offering Self-Financing for Commercial Clients"  
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GMC Roofing (Representative Eunseok Park) located in Buford is a special contractor providing residential and commercial roof replacement, repairs, and waterproofing. As a General Contractor licensed by the State of Georgia, GMC Roofing has operated for over 10 years and has fully certified roofers and its own engineering specialists. Also, it offers to help file the various insurance claims.

Representative Mr. Park said, "For those who have damaged roofs or water leaks found on a house or building due to a recent hailstorm or thunderstorm, I encourage them to consult professionals like us before the damage gets worse." He added, “We assist Koreans who do not know exactly where to contact to make inquiries about damages caused by natural disasters. We help clients to understand the situation and process their insurance claims so they can receive the most benefit from their insurance policy.”

It’s GMC Roofing’s job to help take care of clients from start to finish.
When someone applies for an insurance claim, larger companies do not necessarily provide the best insurance support services. So, choosing an insurance company thoughtfully is important. Established companies, like GMC Roofing, have quick After-Service.

Representative Park explained, "Though we work for Koreans on residential and commerical roofs, whoever works with the insurance companies should have excellent English communication skills. Since insurance companies are so particular with their policies, there is no guarantee that anyone will get back 100% of their claim for tornado or hail damage. Therefore in our company, Americans experienced at mediating with insurance companies handle claims to ensure that our clients receive proper compensation.

GMC Roofing has the know-how from years of construction experience, and as a licensed company, it can basically handle everything. GMC Roofing is a commerical company, which has worked on sizeable projects such as interior plumbing, roof draining, and roofing for a subcontractor of Hyundai in Montgomery. In addition, GMC Roofing offers self-financing for commerical clients. Mr. Park explained “Sometimes we let clients pay us after the project is done, because we have such great confidence in the quality of our work. The reason why we can continue to offer self-financing is that we trust that our clients will pay us.”

Mr. Park said "We take great pride in our client services which makes it possible for us to best satisfy our clients’ needs. Just leave the tasks to us, and we will be able to work through them from start to finish.”

GMC Roofing has also worked on several construction projects for well-known business companies such as Kia, Dale, Smart, Franklin, and North Lake Shopping Center.
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Reporter Jane Kim