we work diligently on insurance claims

  - ATLANTA CHOSUN, 05-03-2011   
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  "we work diligently on insurance claims"  

This summer GMC Roofing (Representative Eunseok Park) provides commercial and residential repair services for damaged roofs from the natural disasters.

GMC Roofing has started helping Koreans with accurate inspections and professional know-how to recover from the damages caused by frequent natural disasters such as the recent wave of devastating tornadoes.

Based on the company’s motto of “Free Estimation”, “Precision Insurance Coverage”, and “Confident After-sales Service”, GMC Roofing in Atlanta has been providing roof repair and business-construction services for the past 13 years.

On May 2nd, 2011, company representative Mr. Park said, "We are very confident that we are the best specialists in Georgia in constructing and repairing commercial or residential roofs, and we are also offering Koreans a free estimate along with precision insurance coverage upon request.”

“It’s a pity that I often see many Koreans getting themselves into troubles at their own expense fixing damages caused by natural disasters on their homes simply because they lack information.” "If someone discovers any roof damage or water leakage on a home or building in their neighborhood, they should contact GMC Roofing right away."

GMC Roofing even offers a special service for those who have not received any compensation from insurance companies.

“If the cause of roof damage was not a natural disaster, owners would have to get repairs at their own expense, however we provide  flexible payment plans for repairs with our financial support services. In particular, we are experts at dealing with complicated insurance processes like the roof repair for commercial buildings” said Mr. Park.

Not only is GMC a Georgia state licensed general contractor for roof repair and construction, but can also take on large-scale construction projects in the southeast.

Mr. Park added "Since GMC is a general contracting company that follows the rules and regulations set by the state, our company has been providing a spirit of service, honesty, and integrity with a decade’s worth of know-how. GMC will always try its best to be a reliable partner for Koreans living in the United States to receive the rights they are entitled.”

Sookhui Cho, Reporter (cho@atlantachosun.com)

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